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All shopping nowadays pretty much switched to an online mode. And no wonder! It is convenient to stay at home sometimes, with a cup of coffee or a chilled drink and by just pressing a few buttons get any brand and item you want...

To avoid unpleasant surprises it is always nice to know few simple rules for not having unpleasant shopping online experience.

1.Whether you shopping for clothes, shoes, gloves or other accessories - pay attention to the website. Is it easy to use? Is it having up to date articles and information? Is it having clear high quality pictures? Shipping and return policies and FAQ are clear and make sense?


2.Product representation. Check to see if product pictures are of high quality, belong to retailer (not to another 100 websites or not copied from Instagram). Is it possible to zoom photos or get a clear view of item details and design?


3.Item description. Good online retailers always give detailed item description, like material content which is very important. Besides probably times when retailer specializes only in leather gloves or silk scarves, etc. Then it’s obvious what type of material being used.


4.Packaging. You will see the level of quality and retailer when unpacking your order. Items arriving wrinkled, in cheap bags or without any, labels are missing or looking old or even used, no business card or nice promo flyer with brand name attached- are definitely a sign of cheap and low quality retailer.


5.Country where the items were shipped from. If you been told that your item will be shipped from Europe or USA and instead being shipped from China or Vietnam, etc. you can make your own conclusions about how trustworthy this particular retailer is.


6.Watch out for too much of a flashy bright advertising in social media. Seeing too much representation on Instagram, Facebook, etc. of famous bloggers wearing “those clothes “ all around the world can actually be a warning sign. Usually it’s a cheap fakes that trying to copy decent brands, they copy and use those pictures for their websites also. It’s easy to fall for these ads and then instead of that “expensive look” you get a cheap material stretchy piece of cloth that will not last even after one wash.

There are many things you should pay attention to. But those are probably the main warning signs. 

Be attentive, don’t hesitate to contact customer support and ask questions. 

At victoria-gloves.com we value every customer or potential customer and respond to any questions or issues right away.

We also proud to surprise our customers with quality not with lots of flashy advertising!