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Rus_3753Gal1 Driving with style. Leather gloves for driving. - Victoria gloves online: shop gloves in leather
Wearing driving gloves has been a big stylish thing for quite a few decades. In fact, it is not just for stylish purposes you should have a pair of good driving leather gloves. They also have a practical use - to make a driving easier.
Good leather gloves allow you to have a proper and secure grip on the steering wheel. That is very important to be able to control a vehicle at a high speed.

Back at 1960s mainly racing drivers were using the gloves to have a secure grip over the steering wheel.
Later, in 1970’s most of the cars started to have easier type of steering wheel, so drivers start to wear the driving gloves more for style than for practical need.

Nowadays people like to wear driving gloves for stylish purposes and also in cold climate countries, like Northern and Western Europe, some states in North America.
Make sure you select good gloves specifically designed for driving, they should fit really tight and you should be able to have a good grip over the steering wheel of your car.

Here are a few links down below of our best models of driving gloves that combine all, style, practical qualities and plus a good quality: