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ugc1162491 Wear Leather Gloves Like a Classic Divas - Victoria gloves online: shop gloves in leather
Leather gloves – beautiful accessory able to elevate and polish any look, was tastefully advertised by famous and gorgeous divas of all decades and ages. Elegant and stylish Jackie Kennedy has her white leather gloves as a signature accessory that she wore for many important occasions.

Among those are Inaugural Ball in 1961, her wedding to John F. Kennedy in 1953, lunch with Queen Elizabeth II. Even more so, she didn’t wear gloves only for grand events, but also just in her everyday life, running around with her kids and doing some first lady’s errands.

Some of the tips to wear the gloves like this icon of style did:

* ¾ sleeves suits and coats looks really elegant with a long (elbow or over elbow length) gloves.

*white long gloves perfectly pairs with basically all colors, but to achieve that polished look go for all shades of grey, navy, black, sky blue.

*add some of the other accessories, like a famous pearls and a hat or a scarf to make the outfit look more expensive and complete.

Get inspired and create your own unique looks!

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