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0623_5 How to Choose a Pair of Good Leather Gloves? - Victoria gloves online: shop gloves in leather
The varieties and choices for this forever trendy leather accessory are huge nowadays. Basically, every clothing brand is representing a few leather gloves models for every season. Besides, there are multiple individual boutiques and small businesses that specialize directly and only in leather gloves.
It is totally up to you which one you prefer to buy from. The only strong reasoning is the quality and a narrow specialization, that means company that specialize in only one type of product will put all their effort into creating this product and delivering very personalized customer service, which is not something common nowadays.

Here are a few important things to look for when choosing you perfect pair of leather gloves:

1. The price. Yes, a pair of good gloves made from genuine real leather cannot be cheap. And if they are, it is likely faux leather or some other leather substitute.

2. Leather smell. Real genuine leather has a typical specific smell, not sharp, not toxic, not too concentrated. If something in the smell is bothering you, it is likely not real leather, sometimes it can leather substitutes with some toxic materials that can be harmful to breathe and have around.

3. Stitches and Lining. Those are to be carefully examined in every garment. You can easily see a cheap and carelessly done job by the way stitches are lined up. A lining is usually just the inside part of leather (which can show you and tell you again if the leather is real) or it can be silk, wool or a fur. 

Be aware of fakes and all sorts of leather substitutes. It is worth investing in a good real leather pair of gloves, as they will last you much longer and will fit much better.

All Victoriagloves gloves are manufactured in Eastern Europe (Ukraine) at the factory with a long history and experienced craftsmen. We exclusively and only use lambskin leathers from Italy and England.

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